Onboarding Process

Even the best recruiting tactics and most promising candidates can be thwarted by a poorly planned and poorly executed onboarding process. That is why we make ourselves available to walk you through every step of this crucial stage.

It is not uncommon for a company to spend a lot of time and effort on the recruitment process, only to leave their new hire to fend for themselves shortly after they take up their duties. This is never ideal, of course, but at the C-suite level, where the scope of the challenges at hand can be particularly daunting, it can problematic, if not fatal. In order to avoid losing a new executive hire within the critical first 18 months, we focus on optimizing the onboarding process and helping the person ramp up faster and more effectively. Although the factors that contribute to an executive’s performance and longevity are many and complex, a robust onboarding program can help improve the odds of success, as it helps them adjust professionally, socially and culturally.

We will work with both the organization and the newly minted executive to spell out clear expectations, establish an open dialogue, identify potential difficulties and facilitate buy-in to the company culture and values. Throughout the recruitment phase, we serve as ambassadors for our clients’ employer brand. During onboarding, we act as an intermediary to guide both parties forward along this all-important initial journey and toward a successful conclusion. We identify potential facilitators and roadblocks using psychometric tools such as SuccessFinder so we can discuss them together and help everyone involved work through them.

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