Leadership Assessment

Our leadership assessment model is based on an approach that draws on our own expertise and leading-edge psychometric testing to analyze a candidate’s current competencies and potential for growth.

Leadership assessments are one of the most important tools in our executive search toolbox. Conducting and interpreting these assessments is both a science and an art. Whether we are helping you recruit an external candidate or promote someone from the inside to a key position, we combine the rigour of standardized evaluations with the expert insight of our experienced recruiters. We use SuccessFinder psychometric testing during selection, development and talent management to examine behavioural trends. Our partners and directors are certified and trained in interpreting these results with nuance and precision.

This process is invaluable in helping you make informed predictive decisions about the development and performance potential of candidates for essential leadership positions. The information gathered is also useful in the subsequent onboarding process. We go beyond a strictly hard skills–based analysis: our methodology assesses candidates’ soft skills and development profile as they apply specifically to your organization, the challenges inherent in the role and the corresponding performance expectations.

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