Executive Search

A proven process for recruiting and assessing C-suite candidates, along with an in-depth understanding of the various industry and business considerations at play, to help you find the person who will lead your organization toward a successful future.

This is our core business. We have a long and successful history of seeking out and finding the right executive — the right individual — for the job. As the market has evolved and our clients’ needs have changed, so have we, adopting a fresh new way of thinking about filling leadership positions. This process used to be a matter of finding candidates who had performed similar functions in a previous role and who ticked all the relevant “hard skills” boxes. That’s no longer the case. There are new organizational challenges and realities to take into account, and these require a whole new set of soft skills: resilience, empathy, humility, transparency, vulnerability, leadership, persuasiveness and the ability to connect the dots. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Being able to contextualize has always been a key skill in recruiting for executive roles, but never has it been so important to be sensitive to so many subtleties and the needs of so many different stakeholders. It takes a broad understanding of the organization’s ecosystem, culture, leadership structure, team dynamics, the interplay between people’s areas of expertise and experience, and the challenges and performance expectations of each role. We oversee the processes involved in finding that match and evaluating their capacity to deliver the desired results and create value. To do this, we apply a methodical approach that combines our expert judgment and extensive industry and operational knowledge, the state-of-the-art assessment tools at our disposal and the vast network we have built up over time.

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