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A candidate selection process that is consistent with best practices in corporate governance and provides personalized support for pinpointing your board’s specific needs in terms of personal traits, professional qualifications and expertise.

As experts in board recruitment, we know just how crucial a role your board members play in your company. Boards set strategic priorities in line with a longer-term vision to secure the organization’s future. They are therefore responsible for ensuring the C-suite has the people and resources needed to grow and prosper.

In a world where the only constant is change, and where the pressures on corporate boards are greater by the day, complementary qualifications and diversity in board membership matter more than ever and are the only way to ensure governance issues are addressed from a variety of angles. Directors must also exhibit versatility, openness to learning new things, resilience, courage and other key traits.

At DÉCARIE TRANSEARCH, we work hand in hand with you to:

  • Draft a candidate profile, with input from your selection or governance committee, that takes into account your current and future needs,
  • Identify candidates who match this profile, approach them with the opportunity, and position the organization and the roles,
  • Conduct behavioural assessment interviews to assess short-listed candidates, noting their experience, knowledge, skills, leadership traits, personal attributes, interest in the position and availability.

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