Our approach

Given the current shortage of talent in the marketplace and the profound shifts we are seeing in the workplace from a demographic, technological and economic perspective, conventional recruiting techniques are no longer enough to meet business needs. The complexity resulting from this fundamental transformation makes it even more important to have access to strategic vision and guidance. We strive to build authentic partnerships with each and every one of the businesses and candidates we serve and to provide them with the personalized support that makes all the difference. This is backed by an agile, iterative process that can be adjusted as required to address changing realities. This is the DÉCARIE TRANSEARCH promise.

We are experts in executive search and leadership consulting. We channel this knowledge and passion to help our clients build strong, dynamic executive teams. The tools we use, powered by Orxestra® et SuccessFinder, lend a unique perspective to culture, performance, leadership and team fit. Plus, our onboarding process is vital to providing a smooth, efficient transition for new executive hires. We work closely with our clients to ensure the story of their employer brand is told accurately and compellingly, and we are proud to be their ambassadors in our dealings with other industry stakeholders and prospective candidates.

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A continuum of leadership services

Executive Search

A proven process for recruiting and assessing C-suite candidates, along with an in-depth understanding of the various industry and business considerations at play, to help you find the person who will lead your organization toward a successful future.


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