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The partnership between TRANSEARCH and DÉCARIE is uniquely attuned to the ever-changing needs of our clients. Through it, we provide access to leading-edge tools, a global network, and thought leadership, while maintaining the entrepreneurial approach and agility our reputation is built on.

Choosing DÉCARIE TRANSEARCH means choosing a strategic ally poised to tackle the complex issues facing today’s organizations: from the enduring shortage of qualified professionals to the dramatic transformations that are fundamentally reshaping the economic landscape and the way we work.

Our methodology

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Every successful executive search starts with a clear understanding of who a client is, where they come from, where they are headed and what exactly they are looking for in a candidate. The Orxestra® toolbox of talent management and acquisition solutions helps us find the answers to these questions with a superior level of detail.

The proprietary Orxestra® suite was developed by TRANSEARCH’s expert in leadership John O. Burdett. He holds a doctorate in management development and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Using the Orxestra® methodology, we can assess cultural, leadership, team, performance and integration fit from four different angles: the head (direction), the heart (development of people), the hand (delivery) and the spirit (day-to-day dialogue). This methodology also makes it possible to define the deliverables attached to each competency within 12 to 18 months of hire.

Our team is also adept at identifying an organization’s specific strengths and vulnerabilities and using this information to determine its positioning in terms of strategy, attraction and retention.

The end goal of the Orxestra® suite is to evaluate the fit between the client, its corporate culture, its teams and the profile of the future candidate. This gives us unique insights with regard to leadership, performance and fit, all of which is invaluable in finding the right person to step into a C-suite role and guide the organization to success.

TRANSEARCH International Insights

TRANSEARCH’s team of specialists and analysts are available to provide you with high-calibre editorial content for case studies and thought leadership pieces. We are delighted to share some articles with you here. The topics have been chosen as ones that are likely to pique your interest and perhaps even answer some of your burning questions.

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