Our team

We are a team of highly experienced recruiters. The winning combination we offer in terms of research excellence, sector-specific expertise and unsurpassed experience, both as individuals and as a group, is what sets us apart and makes us trusted advisors for our clients. We adhere to the strictest industry practices and ensure that all of our decisions and actions are made in the best interests of our clients.

"In the many years I’ve been specializing in executive search, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside who I consider to be some of the best recruiters in the business. They have been a true inspiration for me in my career. Beyond their intelligence, their passion and their extensive knowledge of their chosen profession, it was their sound judgement, their unwavering commitment toward the people and organizations they servde and their resolve to making a meaningful contribution to their clients’ success that set them apart. "

Dominique Décarie President

"What sets us apart at DÉCARIE Transearch is our unparalleled team spirit and culture of collaboration. We all share a deep motivation to helping a wide range of organizations grow and flourish by finding the right people to join their team and to working with top talent to move their career forward. Ours is a stimulating and rewarding work environment, driven by a steadfast dedication to innovation and ongoing improvement. "

Kendra Fayard Senior Director, Consulting services

"In my job at DÉCARIE TRANSEARCH, I am very lucky to be working with a group of people dedicated to providing the best possible level of service to our clients, in a stimulating work environment focused on continuous improvement, where I can take the initiative and be creative."

Karen Moreau Coordinator, Administration and Communications

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